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How it works


Peer to peer lending (also known as crowdfunding), or person to person lending, allows you to skip the bank and borrow from individuals. You can borrow from complete strangers or just use peer to peer lending services to structure loans between friends and family.

When you participate in peer to peer lending, you’re cutting the bank out of the equation (and replacing it with your P2P service). Banks have their place in the world, but sometimes your best bet is to borrow elsewhere. Peer to peer lending gives you another option for secured and unsecured loans across many sectors including investment property.

how it works


  • Earn from 6% per annum
  • Secured against property or asset
  • Minimum 10,000, no maximum
  • Face to face, talk to a person
  • Fixed rate business based loans
  • From 6 month up to 5 years
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Face to face, talk to a person


If you are looking to raise property finance without using the mainstream channels of banks, mortgage lenders and bridging loan companies then START NOW by registering your details below.

We will work face to face with you to understand your individual needs; together with our knowledge and wide experience of the property sector this will allow us to quickly assess the best solution for you. It’s far easier and quicker than dealing with inefficient funders who simply do not understand, or cater to your circumstances.

If you are receiving poor below inflation rates on your investments, you might wish to consider an alternative, which can provide significantly higher returns on your investment.

As an investor in peer to peer lending you can spread your funds across more than one SECURED property-based project and receive monthly returns and an enhanced cash flow.

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